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My passion is helping people accomplish more with digital initiatives - so they can reach their goals and have more time to focus on other things. I have been responsible for building, launching, and managing thousands of digital products, tools, and systems. You may have used some of these digital solutions yourself while researching nutritional information, shopping for cable TV, browsing digital music, reading the news online, talking with Alexa, or searching mobile apps for local deals. I hope you have enjoyed the experience!

Let me help you grow your business, optimize your workflow, and enhance your Ecommerce capabilities using the approach and tools I have used successfully for 20 years. I can get your digital program AND workflow back on track!

Digital Services

Problems & Innovation

Do you have problems that could be solved with digital solutions? Online sales channels that need a boost? Social media eating up too much time? Need more content? Mobile apps that need to be planned and built? Internet of Things opportunities being missed? Automation and workflow headaches?

Web & Mobile

Most businesses don't have time to research the available solutions, so they just pick vendors that seem friendly and affordable.

Don't make the same mistake! Call me first!

Promotional Marketing

Need to boost your online sales channels?

  • Local listing optimization
  • Email lists and social media
  • 3D tours and Google Maps
  • Yelp, Foursquare, and Geo deals
  • Text and mobile marketing

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My Work


Feedback I have received

Nick is a forward thinking product owner who is a pleasure to work with. His ideas are beyond the scope of his work and he diligently follows through establishing great professional relationships. Anyone who works with Nick can tell he's not just thinking about what's coming in the next quarter but what technology is going to be big in the future. I would highly recommend Nick for his technical knowledge, friendly attitude, and drive to succeed.

Nick is a highly gifted individual. He has many skills that make him an asset to any company. His SEO and business development knowledge is top of the line. If I were putting together an elite team to guide my business to success, Nick would be one I would want.

Nick is an extremely innovative and creative thinker. His skills with web-applications are second to none. More importantly his ability to effectively manage projects and people that positively effect his firms E-commerce strategy are Nick's real value add.

Nick is a smart guy and fun to work with. Always able to break down the detail in layman's terms and will get the job done. I strongly support and recommend Nick.

One of the most knowledgeable people I have ever worked with. He knows marketing inside and out and also has expertise in many other business aspects from project management, code, content creation and more. Working with Nick was a real pleasure.


  • Extremely knowledgeable.. it's like having a Harvard MBA that specializes in everything online!
  • Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! We managed to decide which option we should take at this moment owing to the information. Looking forward to meeting you again!
  • A+++++ I hired Nick to develop a strategy to find curated videos for a viral video website I launched. The findings are great and this strategy is something I would've never thought of myself. I am very impressed and would recommend him to all of my friends!
  • Second time hiring, very informative
  • If you're looking for someone to help you with marketing, look no further. This is the person to go to. Thank you so much!
  • great marketing report, above and beyond, will be hiring again
  • Valuable insight and recommendations.
  • Thanks heaps you are a legend !!!
  • Best of the best, academic and professional, highly recommended.
  • Very valuable and recommended!
  • Saves me a lot of time and a lot of trial and error.
  • Thanks so much for this info, Unbelievable. I would recommend you to anyone, and will hire you going forward.


  • Working with Nick has been a very pleasant and wonderful experience. He was very easy to reach out to, gives clear instructions, and gives clear expecations.
  • Nick is highly innovative person. You should be excited to work under him...looking forward to work with him with more big projects.
  • Nick is great to work with. He is very helpful and approachable and is always available to answer any questions. I would like to work with him more.
  • Perfect Communication! You reply fast.. would love to work with you again
  • Awesome guy.. Hoping to work with him again.
  • Nick had concise instructions, which is why working with him was very easy. He is approachable when asked questions and he replies quickly.
  • Nick Passig invested his time and efforts in developing my skills, and I have learned a lot from him. I will surely work for him again, as the experience has helped me in my career.
  • It was a very good working experience with Nick. He is very co-operative as well as always there to help you out. Looking forward to work for Nick again soon.
  • Nick is great! All expectations and requirements were communicated upfront, and he was responsive to any of my requests for clarification.
  • Pleasure to work with and hope to have the opportunity to work with Nick again.
  • Nick was pleasant and easy to work with. He went above and beyond in explaining what he wanted before the job began and in paying me after it was complete.
  • Nick was an excellent manager for this project that I worked on and came well-prepared. All expectations and requirements were communicated upfront, ...
  • I had a great time working with Nick. He was very responsive, always available for questions and to give feedback on my progress and was a very pleasant to work with.
  • Nick is a great guy, solid communicator, and an excellent employer. His instructions were straightforward and he was open to alterations and suggestions on the project.
  • Nick is the best one I've worked with. He sets reasonable deadlines, gives clear guidelines, and is always helpful when needed.
  • Communicative, set clear goals and was easy working with him. Strongly recommend.
  • It was great a experience, i learned a lot while working with this client.
  • Actually this is a new experience to work with Nick. He is very helpful, good tester, advisor and good communicator. He have positive mind always and...
  • Great experience to work with Nick. I want to work with him again.
  • Good employer with a great attitude. Mr. Nick is a highly professional client who can keep his employees busy and help them improve gradually. It was ...
  • Good experience with Nick. I hope to work for him again.
  • Nick is an excellent leader that gives clear instructions and sets reasonable deadlines. It was great working with him.
  • It is really easy and comfortable to work for him. Received good instructions and information. Was really a fun time.
  • Happy to work with you again. Hoping for another job with you! :)
  • Really easy to work with. He gave full detailed instructions and was really helpful in the task. Hoping to work with him again soon!
  • I honestly worked for supervisor Nick Passig. He was an open-minded and active person with great cooperation, communication & knowledge... more
  • If given the chance I would love to work again with Nick. He is very understandable and very much willing to impart his knowledge, I learned a lot from ...
  • I'm really inspired with Nick's leadership and ability. He's very considerate, he's very clear in giving instructions and he always communicates to ...

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